Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funny Story 1

Each week I will tell a funny story, and while they may not seem exactly funny, I chose to look at them as funny, as a way to help me cope. (Actually, most of them are quite funny, after the fact.)

Right after I was diagnosed, I recieved tons of flowers and stuffed animals to keep me company in the hospital. My sister gave me this little purple hippo. He was so cute, and fit perfectly up by my head on the top of the hospital bed. One particularly bad night (that I have some memories of, but not all), I was talking in my sleep. Not so weird, since I do this all the time. My mom's best friend, my "Aunt" Vicki was staying with me that night, so Mom could get a good night's sleep. Poor Vicki wasn't as lucky. In my cancer-related stupor, I was so concerned that my purple hippo was trying to EAT Vicki. I guess I must have been really convincing, because Vicki went and got a nurse, who proceeded to tell her that nightmares and talking was normal. I do have a hazy memory I her saying something like listen to her, and the nurse conceeding that maybe it I wasn't acting exactly normal. I do remember being told by the nurse that he was giving me some Demoral, and to try to not fighting it. I then had a really restfull night.

While you may not be thinking WOW! That WAS funny! Just picture a stuffed, purple hippo, about the size of a football. He was so cute. And I am okay sharing this story with you, to show that even prior to chemo brain, some crazy stuff went down.

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