Sunday, January 20, 2013

So glad to put 2012 behind me

This is a blog I have been planning to write for a while. Instead of rambling like I am sure I generally do, I will just say that 2012 sucked big time. There were some glimmers of silver lining around the huge, dark clouds, but those clouds were so big, it was hard for the sunlight to get through.

First off, Marshall and I were in a pretty bad car accident. We were very lucky to walk away with just scrapes and bruises. The car was not so lucky. But that's okay, it was just a car, and we had another one we could share. This was a character building experience.

Later, I lost my Uncle Tim. He passed away from an infection in August. He had been diagnosed with cancer, and as a fellow cancer survivor, I took his death rather hard. I should have been there for him, checking in and finding out what I could do to help. Instead, I found myself in our local catholic church, praying for forgiveness and strength for my Aunt Kathy.

In October, I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease while in New Mexico, and needed emergency (as emergent as could be scheduled) surgery. Marshall and I had been home for my brother's wedding, and he had to get back to work here in Georgia. When he learned that I needed surgery, he offered to fly back to be with me, but I told him I was in good hands with my parents. 10 days after my diagnosis, I finally had my gallbladder removed, and 5 days later, Marshall passed away in our home.

Next, my dad was hospitalized in early November for pneumonia. He went back and forth between being out of it and cognizant, such to the point that the doctors decided he needed to be sedated so his body could heal. He was placed into essentially a medically-induced coma for several days, and then they weaned him off the sedation to see how he was doing. It seemed the less sedative they gave him, the harder it was for him to come out of it. He did get better, and was taken out of the ICU for a couple of days, but ended up back in there after a series of seizures. They ended up having to put him back in the coma, and on life support, in early December.

It was decided to move my dad into hospice, and remove him from the life support, as that was not what he wanted. He was extubated and moved to hospice around 3PM on December 10. My mom, Traci, Reed and I were there with family and close friends when my dad took his last breath at 4:40PM.

All of the above could be seen as character building, and stepping stones on my path. I am not sure where that path may lead, but I am very sad to know that the two greatest men in my life will no longer be walking beside me. I do know that there is a grander plan, and scheme, and that all three of these men are guiding and protecting me from above.

And while 2012 sucked, I have faith that 2013 will be a better year.